Put your phone….down!

The great lie was that the little computers in our pockets would give us the ultimate freedom. But the problem with being able to be anywhere we want at any time is that we give up ever fully being where we actually are. We are perpetually both here and there which means we are always in between. Forever coming or going–never fully stopped; feet planted; feeling the earth beneath our toes. That’s real freedom. Not another notification for another new message on another app for another product we hope might make our lives better. We didn’t cut the cord when we chose cell phones. We became the cord. Forever tethered to a million places at once. Giving the whole world access to us on their schedule and at all times. We’ve been duped. Leave it in your room. Leave it in your car. Leave it on the charger. Leave it turned off. Leave it at home altogether.Maybe not always. But far more often than we usually do. We have the keys to our own handcuffs. We just have to have the guts to use them. If this makes you anxious–good. Me too. Let’s do hard things together.Freedom is on the other side. Real freedom. The kind that makes us feel more human and connected and alive. — Chris Field